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Benefits & Features
· Comprehensive Fiberglasss Planter Product Line
· Lightweight for Commercial Roof top projects
· Standard Colors & Finishes and Custom colors
· Custom Design/Build from CADD
· Download DWG Drawings, Catalogs and Info  
direct from our website
·  Commercial Site furnishings
· All products are fully tested prior to shipment
· Our products support EPA Sustainable
Landscaping principles
· Specify Chandler Planters with confidence
· 3 Year Limited Warranty
· Serving the landscaping industry for 30 years
· All products are proudly made in the USA

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Fiberglass Planters
by The Chandler Company

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Fiberglass Planters by The Chandler Company

Click here to see our eCatalogs. We have one of the largest selections of fiberglass planter standard styles and sizes offered in our industry.  If you have a special need regarding length, width or height, let our sales staff assist you to find a solution for your project. Most planter heights, for instance, can be adjusted to the height you need.

In addition, we can make a style not shown in our catalog in order to allow you to procure all of your planters from one reliable source. Check with our sales department for prices and availability. When you specify The Chandler Company, you are specifying product that is fabricated in our manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California. Product that is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Please be aware that the colors displayed on screen have been produced electronically. These electronic reproductions are not a substitute for real color samples.The Chandler Company recommends choosing the final color and finish using our Color chips which are available upon request.

Why Fiberglass Planters, Drop-in Liners, Columns and Site Furnishings?

Concrete planters are not repairable. A well established concrete planter manufacturer has a link for repairing their planters but the link doesn't go anywhere since they are not repairable. Fiberglass planters are repairable.

Concrete planters are not waterproof. Typical hot mop installations last approximately two years while The Chandler Co. has had waterproof fiberglass planters in the field for over 20 years and counting!

Concrete planters are heavy and require a crane and several  people to set in place. They also require the same effort to relocate them. A typical 36" x 30" round concrete planter weighs 1,150 lbs while a similar style and size in fiberglass weighs 48 lbs. This makes fiberglass even more effective for Roof top or second floor and higher applications.
Fiberglass Planters and Water proof Liners for Roof Top planting applications

Landscape architects continue to be the creative force in Green roof designs and Roof-Top gardens, due to the fabrication flexibility of fiberglass (FRP) planters and liners. They have woven together both, the ecological benefits with elegant aesthetics throughtout the major cities of America. Let us become a part of your design solutions to your most memorable projects.
Custom Large Fiberglass (FRP) Planters for Commercial projects

Fiberglass Planters & Pots for Commercial projects can be made in one piece up to 22 feet in length in our Contemporary Style. The sizes shown in our website are standard sizes but can be manufactured to precise sizes required. Please contact us for pricing and availability for all products.