Waterproof Liners     Custom Sizes  are available
    The Chandler Company‚Äôs fiberglass planter liners and containers are a versatile & cost effective way for controlling landscape planting and irrigation. Providing superior long term solutions for eliminating water leaks in critical areas such as living and office spaces beneath the planter level. They have also been used to control storm water runoff erosion and pollution in hillside locations, supporting EPA sustainability guidelines. We have over 30 years of experience with custom planter & liner applications.
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Typical planter liner profiles are shown.
We can fabricate any design required.

Waterproof Fiberglass Liners
Waterproof Fiberglass Liners
Straight Liner
Radius Liner
Wedge Liner
Waterproof Fiberglass Liners
Outside Lip Liner
No Lip Liner
Waterproof Fiberglass Liners
Inside Lip Liner
Liner Typical Installation Detail
Liner Installation Detail   (Vertical View)
Liner Connection Detail with Step Down U-cap
Liner Connection Detail with Flush to top U-cap
Custom Fiberglasss Waterproof Liners at Anaheim Garden Walk
Radius & Trapezoid Waterproof Liners at Anaheim Garden Walk
Fiberglass Liners at LAX Airport
Fiberglass Liners - Monarch Beach Hotel
Fiberglass Liners - Monarch Beach Hotel

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CAD drawings available for all products
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Fiberglass Planters by The Chandler Company

Click here to see our eCatalogs. We have one of the largest selections of fiberglass planter standard styles and sizes offered in our industry.  If you have a special need regarding length, width or height, let our sales staff assist you to find a solution for your project. Most planter heights, for instance, can be adjusted to the height you need.

In addition, we can make a style not shown in our catalog in order to allow you to procure all of your planters from one reliable source. Check with our sales department for prices and availability. When you specify The Chandler Company, you are specifying product that is fabricated in our manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California. Product that is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Please be aware that the colors displayed on screen have been produced electronically. These electronic reproductions are not a substitute for real color samples.The Chandler Company recommends choosing the final color and finish using our Color chips which are available upon request.

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